This wonderfully diverse collection of novels will certainly please the reader in you. What better way to discover the great new writing styles and popular writing genres of the Indie literary world?

For the readers of young adult books, Brandt Leggs’s, fantasy thriller OUTVIEW, will keep you on the edge of your seat. In, AMONG THE SHROUDED, Amalie Jahn tackles an important issue with her gripping story dealing with human trafficking.

Crime fiction lovers will be pleased to see action-packed BROKEN ANGELS, by S.W. Vaughn among the great discoveries found here.

Lovers of romance, get ready for James DiBenedetto’s, DREAM STUDENT, about a girl who finds herself tangled in other people’s dreams. Suzanne Jenkins’ first book in her adult romance novel series, PAM OF BABYLON, will get you hooked and wanting to read her 8 other books.

Fans of Biblical literature will be pleasantly surprised to find Uvi Posnansky’s beautifully written tale, RISE TO POWER, standing proud among the other nine books in this great collection.

The historical fiction genre is well represented with one of my favourites, THE LUCK OF THE WEISSENSTEINERS, Christoph Fischer’s profound

and momentous novel about the anti-Semitic atrocities of WW1.

The well-fleshed characters and intriguing plots of P.C. Zicks’s, NATIVE LANDS, Janet Morris’, TEMPUS, and Aaron Paul Lazar’s, DOUBLE FORTÉ, will make you want to read more of these terrific writers. Highly recommended read!