The Diviners - Margaret Laurence, Margaret Atwood

THE DIVINERS, Margaret Laurence’s sequel to her Manawaka novels, is a raw Canadian journey into the feminist movement of the seventies. Morag Gunn is an independent, powerful character who refuses to be dictated to by the rigid, and often cruel expectations of her times. Told through the eyes of a middle-aged writer trying to come to terms with her teenaged daughter, the younger, orphaned Morag is revealed through a slideshow of memory blurbs that bring the character alive—almost like leafing through a photo album of the character’s life. She is a woman that has never tolerated being told what to do, and must fight her motherly instinct of trying to protect her daughter from the pain that is an essential part of growth. Love plays a powerful role in this honest story of the loneliness that comes with stepping out of the box and following your dream.