Ruby Holler - Sharon Creech

RUBY HOLLER is a touching story of two orphaned twins, Dallas and Florida (named after the packing crate they were found in), who are abandoned at birth and brought up by two uncaring custodians of a group home for children. They experience only reject and abuse at the many foster homes they are placed in, only to be returned to the same custodians who consider them to be only 'trouble'. Their luck finally changes when they are matched with an older couple whose children have grown and left home. The twins have enough of being fostered out and returned after a short stay to their abusive group home. They plan to hop the train in the night and go off on their own. Will they be able to escape and be able to survive on their own?
This is a sad commentary on the plight of innocent children left to the device of unscrupulous authority figures in this pseudo humane society we live in.
The characterisation was a little stereotypical, with the extremely mean foster parents and super understanding older couple, but an enjoyable read.