Twisted Tales: Flash Fiction with a Twist - Iain Pattison

Flash fiction is an art similar to poetry in that every word is utterly important to the story. A precise beginning, a middle and an end with a definite theme are delivered into less space than is necessary for your uncle's spicy meatloaf recipe. The authors anthologized in Flash Fiction with a Twist deliver the goods with great mastery.
In Valerie Sirr's poignant story, Sisters, we get a stark picture of the devastating effects of sexual abuse and the helplessness of a girl trying to protect her sister from sexual oblivion. John Ritchie's Cheating Death, is a brilliant story about how cryogenics brings a dying girl to another era where she is the last specimen of her kind. Jody Moller's, A Ghost Story, is about a woman who takes extreme measures to unite with her ghostly lover. These are stories that stay with you, all of them electrifying and thought-provoking. If you haven't yet dipped your toes into this genre of writing--jump in, you'll come out in another dimension.