Switch! The Lost Kingdoms of Karibu - Karen  Prince

SWITCH is a phenomenal and colourful, coming of age story. When we first meet Ethan, we see an incomplete character with a world view limited by an overindulged and sheltered upbringing --  yet the reader recognizes a flame within -- that innate need to do the right thing, to protect the young girls from the crocodiles, to share his computer with those who have no access to one, to find his lost cousin at all costs. His compassion, generosity and courage elevate him from the young germophobe who is skittish of touching animals, or even shaking hands with his companions, to a wondrous hero who any reader would gladly follow in his adventures in the great Zimbabwe jungle where dangers lurk behind every tree. 
This story goes beyond a young boy's magical adventure with witches and telepathic leopards and crocodiles in the exotic African wonderland; it's a reminder of the basic goodness in human nature and the acceptance and respect of all life and beliefs. Karen Prince weaves an intricate and captivating plot with endearing characters that will cling to you long after the final page book is read.