Blue Coyote Motel - Dianne Harman

Blue Coyote Motel addresses many important issues; the most prevalent being women's poor self-image, drug addiction and the violation of issuing drugs to unsuspecting victims. The plot revolves around a mad scientist and his image-obsessed wife who set up a motel in the middle of a desert. He organizes an illegal lab in the basement of the motel where he fabricates clandestine drugs to alleviate his wife's fears of getting old and another one that will save the whole of humanity from depression and evil and therefore make the world a better place. His guinea pigs are the weak and unsuspecting clients who stop by for a restful night.
Dianne Harman's suspense novel brings us beyond her unique story plot. There is a message of hope here that empowers all of us; that we must look into ourselves to find our inner strength to overcome our fears and weaknesses. This story doesn't simply aim to entertain; it is an affirmation of the goodness inherent in each and everyone.