Uprooted - a Canadian War Story - Lynne Reid Banks

A charming look back at the experience of a British evacuee family who takes refuge in a Saskatchewan home to escape the bombings of WW2. We follow Lindy, a ten year old girl, her mother, and a twelve year old male cousin as they try to adjust to life in Canada. The generosity of the Canadian hosts who housed, clothed,entertained, and fed the evacuee families was impressive and a revelation to me. Narrated through the eyes of both the younger, and then the elderly Lindy, it made for a simple and fast read. The narrator's credibility diminishes at the end when she retells her cousin's attempt to escape Canada to return to England. The cousin wasn't forthcoming with the exact details, so the story is narrated according to what Lindy thinks might have happened. Uprooted, A Canadian War Story, is nevertheless a pleasurable middle grade read.