Paper Towns - John Green

Paper Towns was my first experience reading John Green, and I’m a bit ambivalent about having a go at another one of his books. Not that I didn’t enjoy it – I managed to finish it without throwing the book down. The story started a little slow with the main character, Quentin, getting a visit through his bedroom window from Margo, his neighbour and secret heartthrob. They haven’t spoken in about 9 years but she manages to enlist him in a series of misdemeanours to get back at her cheating boyfriend. He follows along because he figures she’s HOT and wants to please her. The very next morning, she disappears, and although it’s common knowledge that he took part in all the breaking and entering, and other criminal activities – there are no consequences. The rest of the story consisted in his obsession in finding her, and with his friends tagging along.

The characters are likeable, Radar being my favourite, (yes, he’s not the main character, but he seemed real to me), and Margo appeared too categorical and manipulative.

Overall, it’s an enjoyable read. There is the suspense aspect where it isn’t clear whether Margo will be found alive. There is also the philosophic element in which Quentin must learn to accept people for who they really are, and not bully them in being copies of him. I’d certainly recommend this as a good clean young adult read.