Dancing Days - V.J. Chambers

Dancing Days, the first book inV. J. Chambers Helicon Muses series is a story of a young girl looking for love and acceptance. Abandoned at an early age, Nora goes from foster home to foster home feeling unloved, always knowing she doesn’t belong in the world she’s in. The only person she has learned to trust is Owen, an older boy who has always taken care of her, and promised to take her to Helicon, the world of the muses where she actually belongs. Once they arrive there, Owen becomes controlling and abusive, and her relationship with him becomes nightmarish.

Helicon is a world where muses aren’t expected to live up to their responsibilities, where women give birth to children whom they abandon in order to follow their artistic urges. Preparing your own food isn’t necessary, there’s always people who do it for you. People live in tents and sleep in hammocks. The weather is controlled, so winter only lasts a week. You also have the choice to stop aging – a fantasy world a meditation away from the real world, which the muses call the mundane world.

Nora must learn to accept the truth about Owen and break the abusive bond she’s always unknowingly had with him – not an easy task for her.

Nora and her new found friends are charming and believable, and Owen makes a convincing villain. The story continues in the next books and I’m sure the author will have many followers.