The Seventh Sense - Kim Richardson

The Mystics:The Seventh Sense, is the first in a series by Kim Richardson. This is a colourful action story full of imaginative monsters, demons, two-legged stones and fire-horses. Children and adults travel to all parts of the world by walking through mirrors and by using a double-sided mirror called a DSM.
Joey, an orphan, is a tough street-wise fourteen year-old who is gifted with the seventh sense: the power to see and communicate with monsters. A secret society picks her up and she enters their program to combat evil. Blood and violence follow her everywhere and her life is threatened numerous times.
This a book that contains all the necessary elements to keep the younger reader turning the page and wanting more. An exciting experience for those who seek action and the possibility of a love story between the tough female fighter and Tristan, her handsome protector.