Dancing with a Dead Horse - Danielle DeVor

Danielle DeVor has written a spine-chilling story about a serial killer who stalks the corridors of a small town high school. When sixteen year old, Jason, discovers the mutilated body of a mate in the school washrooms, his world, and that of his parents, is turned upside down. At first accused of committing the murder by the local police; the students and the villagers then ostracize him. The students who don't shun him become potential victims. The killer sews a piece of the victim's skin onto a stuffed toy horse after each murder.
The characters are well-fleshed and believable: the over-protective mother, an expat Russian who teaches ballet in the small community, and whose dream is to mould her son Jason into a great ballet dancer; the cool biker father who acts as a buffer between the pushy mother and his son's wish to become a professional fighter.
The pace is fast and the plot well crafted; a good crime read for all to enjoy.