Love of Shadows - Zoe Brooks

I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

Love of Shadows is Zoe Brooks' second volume of her Healer's Shadow Trilogy, and an absolute page-turner. Judith is no longer the sexually exploited young Anya we see in the first book. She has blossomed into a trained perfume maker who uses men to satisfy her needs on her own terms. The magic realistic element of the shadow character, the organized, emotionless alter ego, is more highlighted and developed in this second book. Judith is ruled and often blinded by her emotions while her shadow, Sarah, saves the day with her astuteness and talent for detail. Much as we sympathize with Judith's pain and continuous trouble with the law, we learn to love Sarah who at last discovers the joy of splashing barefoot in a pool of water. It is the nonstop chain of betrayals that feeds the essence of their personality until the two opposites eventually blend into each other. 
This is a coming of age story in a male-dominated, unjust world where women must suppress their true nature to survive. Can women find unconditional love in such a restrictive society? You must read this pièce de résistance to make up your own mind.