The Bionics - Alicia Michaels

The Bionics by Alicea Michaels, is the first part of a face paced read. This romantic science-fiction story is a thought-provoking take on the victims of war and the government's accountability towards them. In this story, bionic replacements of damaged body parts are given to the victims. Once the war is over, the same victims are branded dangerous by government forces and rounded up to remove all bionic limbs. This spells possible death for a lot of them and they form a clandestine resistance group. Gage, the only full-human character infiltrates the group in order to save and protect his young bionic niece. Being bionic doesn't exclude the human side of the victims and emotions prevail. The story ends at a cliffhanger where a dangerous rescue is about to occur.
This story is a sure pleaser for young and more mature readers and a great incitement to go on to the sequel.