The Trees Have Hearts - Mrs. D.

Mrs. D. has written a sweet tale about the pains of a young girl growing up in a new country. Singled out and ostracized because she speaks a different language, she turns to the trees in her garden for friendship and comfort. They communicate through a universal language, one that emanates from a spiritual connection of the heart. The tree friends provide a refuge from the rejection she experiences at the hands of the other children in the neighborhood and help to compensate for the loneliness of being the only child of a hard-working singe-parent. 
The story presents a deep respect for nature and all living things. The trees become an oasis for the outcast, they will always be there ready to listen and comfort. 
The illustrations are delightful and follow the young girl's emotional journey in her quest to gain acceptance in the new world. She must learn to deal with the transitions of change, not an easy task when it involves deep-rooted emotional ties.
Just as the trees became a sanctuary for the young lonely girl, this book can very well be a refuge for the parent seeking help for a child living rejection at school or at home. A must read for those who believe in the heart of trees.