Phantom Bigfoot Strikes Again - Simon Okill

Simon Okill's, Phantom Bigfoot Strikes Again, lures us deep into the psyche of Little Beaver, a small town where everybody knows each other's business, surrounded by ancient woods where, yes... hold on... a family of bleached-blond Bigfoot live and love. Duane, an incurable lover of the forest and its creatures, is the designated guardian of the woods. Like his father before him, he has inherited a sixth sense which enables him to communicate with animals. A potent Jooobaaa drink gives him the power to transform into a hairy blond WereBigfoot and to tune into a close friend's thoughts. He has been keeping the forest safe from those who have a natural proclivity to harming its residents.
This is certainly an entertaining read for the young adult, as well as, adult crowd: complete with dirty farts, loud belches, rotten smells and constant lusting. But above all, it is a heartfelt shout-out for the simple life, and the importance of safeguarding our pristine forests and all the creatures that depend on it for their survival.